As 2019 started and before we could even realize three months have gone past the year, bringing us more nearer to the most talked , controversial and looked forward elections of a decade.

While political parties, candidates, politicians have left no stone unturned to start the campaigning in numerous newer ways, the common man sits and tries to analyze with his intellect who and what is more beneficial for his own struggle and livelihood.

Wars, incidents, terror attacks, surgical strikes,scams, inflation, facilitation, improvement of infrastructure, benefits to the society, ease of finances, acceleration of startups all the topics, facts are allowing political parties to start counting on their scores.

Meanwhile the common lower middle income or middle income man, people below the poverty line gazes onto the happening of this big political change.

What will 2019 elections bring for him?

Any good, any improvement or still the old tussles, hassles of struggling to find a shelter, buy a home, an unsecured job, no facilitation in infrastructure, no improvement on roads,communication, transportation issues, health hazards, unhealthy sanitation, unsafe drinking water, costlier education centres, loans , safety, security of life will all of these change or will it remain as it is !

A huge shift over the years has happened , when people have got the access of knowing about other countries, cities, their standard of living, the facilities, govt funded schemes, health, sanitation and much more. Unlike years ago, before the internet had stepped and created a buzz in our lives, US and other European countries were a kind of fairy tale experience to all heard and known through word to mouth .

Whereas its totally different now, every bit of news, incident, lifestyle, and any smallest snippet is shared within minutes to another part of the world. The awareness of people has increased, yet the alertness of choosing candidates goes on a toll,as politicians forever have shown their true colours only after elections and getting elected.

Be it any party, any person, the zeal, intention and goal of improving life and conditions of one’s own constituency hasn’t gone beyond the false promises of a political person.

The society yearns to see such a person in power whether in grassroots at the Panchayat level to the topmost level, who would realize his own duties and carry them accordingly with sincerity.

What an expectation from people ,that it has been decades,ages yet politics haven’t risen above the narrow-mindedness and mud flinging name shams neither has left the abusive world of nothingness and big words to accept anything productive that could lead to development and growth of the whole society, city, town, state and nation.

We look forward to this election where conscience of every person will bring him/her to the grassroots of every problem and get it resolved for a better tomorrow for all. We look for a better future ,a better tomorrow where the next generation steps in respect and growth.

Pic Credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/indian-kid-child-black-and-white-1283789/

Let us keep our fingers crossed and watch the big play of 2019 elections.

Meanwhile you all can share with us your own ideas, thoughts, issues, problems of your areas  and of the candidates of your areas.

Let us bring awareness to create a better society.

Share your valuable opinion

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