And here starts the week, with the rushing hours of Monday when literally every person runs and overruns to get somewhere on time, starting the day with the unlimited pressure of reaching, meeting and accomplishing…Woes they all appear and so becomes the MONDAY…in a blue avataar of its own…with MONDAY BLUES.

Hangover of the previous day, leftover work, pending assignments, mood swings, conflicts at home, barging of guests into the private corner of your house and heart all these already bog down the mental state of a person and MONDAY literally starts on a bad note.

Gone are the days, when we looked forward for the starting of a week to restart work, waited patiently for school to start, wanted that Monday to come faster and make us dream bigger and achieve faster. What has led to the transformation of this beautiful MONDAY into such a tag of load?

Like the days, when load shedding was common, television was a luxury and radio progs made us sleep by 9:30 telling us stories from hawa mahal. Sleep was the most prized possession.Relaxation was well understood and known.

And as days changed, times moved ahead, we are in dearth of time, killing ourselves with unexpected expectations, and life size targets. No, it won’t be practical to say, be calm and enjoy your life as you wish to, as that will be a lie, an illusion.

Yet there can be a balance in work and moments of pleasure, there can be an enthusiasm to start back for an urge to do work, which you love.

For that

  • Enjoy the work
  • Be passionate of everything new
  • Learn newer things
  • Keep yourself updated
  • Be with world in terms of technology in whatever field you are.
  • Keep your own pace
  • Value your loved ones
  • Pursue your hobby on weekends
  • Go out of the chaos of city for few hours.
  • Break the monotony

Use the simple tips and try to beat your own blues in your own way.

  • Start your day with your favourite music.
  • Avoid late nights on sunday
  • Avoid joining the party with drinks
  • Connect to your near and dear ones in a day
  • Express your gratitude to god for giving a life and to let us see the beautiful nature
  • Shake your soul to the rhythm of nature
  • Smile and spread joy around.
  • Forget the woes
  • Forgive the people who create obstacles,
  • Hold hands with closed ones.
  • Share and help others.

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