Exploring Heritage through Instagram

Even though, the word heritage is defined in dictionary, everyone has their subjective definition of heritage. People often define heritage in the way they like to explore it. In this century, where people equally enjoy exploring things virtually as they do in reality, we’ve listed a few Instagram pages that portray and traverse through heritage. These pages aren’t only informative but also extremely aesthetic to eyes.

Mumbai Heritage

Even though, Mumbai has always been under the veil of modernity, we see a lot of heritage aspects in its nooks and corner. It’s gigantic forts, mesmerizing catholic structures, 100-year-old eateries and restaurants, Irani cafes, docks speak of its long lasting heritage. This exact culture of Mumbai is promoted by a page on Instagram, “Mumbai heritage” by Krunal Tripathi. The page has promoted varied culture of Mumbai through pictures and write-ups attached to it. Be it ancient post offices, ornate temples, holy churches, buzzing stations, lively chawls, unexplored streets “Mumbai Heritage” has captured it all.

Brown History

More often than not heritage appears in the form of stories, memoirs, tales that are lived by people and passed onto another generation. Brown history is yet another Instagram page that promotes heritage by narrating tales of people all around the world. These tales talk of struggle, life, happiness, journeys of people from different corners of the world. After reading these stories one realises the quality of life one has lived and in turn we get inspired by people who lived life to its fullest. Other than that, the page also promotes various cuisines, art forms, architectures etc. Recently, it had done an article on evolution of Bengali cuisine. The article elaborated upon how Bengali cuisine is made in local households. One of the best parts of “Brown history” is that it seeks stories from people, meaning, one can submit their stories on their page and get a chance to feature on their page and in their magazine. One gets to meet an old lady living in Ladakh, an adult living in interiors of Pakistan and also a local shop owner sheltering in some small part of the world through this page.


One of the major parts of our culture comes from entertainment world. Our culture, our lifestyles have been greatly influenced by movies and in turn, movies have also been inspired by our lifestyles and cultures. Indigenous is an Instagram page that promotes cultural heritage of India. Dance, music, instruments, movies have always been promoted by Indigenous. They often post about less familiar songs, old movies, films lost in time, less renowned artists, forgotten artists, classical instrumental pieces. Along with these pictures or pieces, they often attach informative anecdotes, lively experiences elaborating about culture or incidences. I think, one of the best ways to promote heritage is through culture.

Daak Vaak

Writers not only live our heritage, but they contribute to our heritage through their words. Daak Vaak is an Instagram page that promotes heritage through writers and their verses. More often than not, people explore heritage through literature. Reading poems, experiencing and re-experiencing life through verses, comprehending the raw emotions of life, love, war and dystopia through literature has been going on since ages. Daak vaak promotes these poetries of renowned poets like Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Bashir Badr, Rassul Mir, John Elia, Rahat Indori, Ahmad Faraz. Instead of putting up just the verses, Daak Vaak translates the verses in English for better understanding of others.

These are a few Instagram pages that have been promoting our culture in unique way of theirs. On this Heritage day, let’s explore these pages and go a step closer to our culture

Written by -Sanika Ratnaparkhi

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