PLANET MARATHI- 4 years and beyond

It was 2017,May 13th. A dream was conceived and sketched with a vision .

A journey started for a destination set afar beyond the horizons of thoughts . A revolution was going to start and the game was to be changed. Maharashtra , known for its culture, art and literature besides the rich legacy of traditions churns out infinite number of stories, fables, films, plays , music, paintings every year and yet the aesthetically beautiful things remain away from limelight due to less promotions and minimal presence as digital footprints.

The vision of etching Marathi on the Global Map of Entertainment , Akshay Bardapurkar, the man behind this voyage started with PLANET MARATHI in 2017 in partnership with one of the giants of Social Media. It was a path well thought of with goals of progress and growth. Digital Platform of PM spread its base on social media and went through transition when shows like LAI BHAARI WITH AMIT BHANDARI, MANJA BOLE with icon Mahesh Manjrekar and many more shows came up . The steps were small yet firm, the result was small yet clear. Many projects were designed, from governance to entrepreneurship, while the rough terrain provided with extra impetus to walk with more vigour and strength.

Due to a background of Celebrity management and Branding along with experience of Events management, Akshay Bardapurkar launched with another segment , another vertical to bring the Marathi Celebrities under one roof, one home called PLANET TALENT. Taking the Marathi actors and actresses, alongwith other talents, PT highlights its celebrities for brand collaborations, endorsements, Films and Webseries alongwith guiding them properly in case of legal hassles of signing, payments and also converting their personalities into brands.

In 2019, a bigger transition, led the way to FILM PRODUCTION and PM stepped into the field of FILMS with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan in its 1st production in AB aani CD. Destiny played its role and one after another films rolled on as GOSHTA EKA PAITHANICHI directed by State Award Winner Shantanu Rode and CHANDRAMUKHI directed by national award winning director Prasad Oak . An ensemble of cast in both the movies , PM by end of 2020 was up with 3 films in hand.

It is said that never stop ever and keep walking till the journey is over. The expanse of our thoughts can lead to bigger evolutions and so happened with PM as it stepped onto another ladder of OTT.

PLANET MARATHI OTT , was conceived and formed during the lockdown phase of corona wherein, everything had been caged inside the houses. The curfew of cities and nation had disturbed people with the conflict for survival. The seed sowed during the early phases of lockdown now had germinated and become a plant.

It is in the stage of flowering and soon the plant will have blooming buds to spread the fragrance of Marathi Entertainment .

The Tree of PLANET MARATHI has innumerable branches to spread and flourishing into different aspects of life. From saluting leaders from various facets of life to creating brands of celebrities or creating cinema of exception, creating an all exclusive Marathi OTT for the Marathi Content Creators to bringing Music, Theatre, Plays and Podcast to the SUPERAPP…PLANET MARATHI strives and acknowledges to excel and stand out in every aspect of Marathi Media & Entertainment. From show packaging to global promotions, from International Cinema to taking Marathi cinema too Academy awards, Akshay wishes to package and facilitate Marathi Makers and Creators with endless options to reach globally.

PLANET MARATHI is now spreading its wings across different countries and wishes to take Marathi Language and Entertainment, People and its diaspora around the globe to be a reason for everyone to be proud of !!!

The journey of life which started after a short hiatus due to few setbacks in 2016, Akshay reinstated his presence as the GAME CHANGER as defined by FORBES INDIA in the field of Marathi Digital Entertainment. The goal which started with the solitary traveller, today has a group of comrades walking across various fields .

With lines of Robert Frost… I conclude..

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep"  - Robert Frost

This is a complementary note shared on occasion of the 4th anniversary of PLANET MARATHI to the vision and the visionary.

-Soumya Vilekar

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