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As soon as India’s 1st Marathi OTT medium “PLANET MARATHI OTT” was announced, it became the talk of the town, arousing several questions in minds of viewers, directors, producers and content creators. Marathi industry had been devoid of the platform that gave them justice and full fledged reach to the global Marathi audience.

We were flooded with enquiries and queries specially to know about the genre, style, support that PLANET MARATHI OTT would provide or consider!

Among such many questions have been already answered by the team of Planet Marathi OTT. But for your better understanding here are some FAQ’s.

1. When is Planet Marathi OTT’s plan to be launched and in what format will it be available to the audience?

Ans:- The work of launching an app has already started and the app shall be completely ready by December end or January. However, Planet Marathi Digital Theatre will be reaching you first with its exclusive movies with Friday premieres. Like a Friday release in theatre, PM DT will bring to you the Exclusive premiere of a movie/ web series to your home screen . Due to this lockdown and pandemic, as we all are stuck inside our homes and theatres are yet to open, we shall be bringing the Friday excitement and entertainment to your personal screens through a single ticket window. You can buy the ticket for the movie through a weblink and can enjoy the movie with your whole family for a certain period of time.

However, after the launch of Planet Marathi OTT, you will be able to enjoy digital theater in the form of iOS and Android apps and many other programs on ‘Planet Marathi OTT’ with a single click.

2. If we want to display our content on Planet Marathi OTT, whom to contact in that regards? What will be the process?

Ans:- Our content team shall have a range of criteria to approve a certain pitch or content . The process shall be evaluating on certain points and then the provider shall be contacted for initiation of the process.

You can send your content (video, ppt, text) to You will receive a response within 15 days or one month on receiving your email. No need to despair if you don’t get an answer during this period. Because, maybe your content will be considered for the second phase of Planet Marathi OTT (i.e. March-May 2021). The diligent team consists of professionals from entertainment field and Pushkar Shrotri, CEO and Head  of content , shares  “Every mail shall be reverted and criteria of quality content would be always preferred.

3. Will Planet help in the production of Marathi OTT movies or short films?

Ans:- Of course! Planet Marathi Original will be launched soon under ‘Planet Marathi OTT’.

Scripts, stories shall be shortlisted and then evaluated through series of criteria before finalizing under PM originals. The process shall be mailed to the content provider or creator as required. However the PM originals will start gradually.

4. What type of content will be preferred on Planet Marathi OTT?

Ans:-  Any content which is good, exquisite , relatable, a slice or binge of life will be always acceptable. There is no preference as such – Good Content is always welcomed as it connects with audience. Genre and kind can be Web series, Films, short films, Talk shows, Music, Travelogues, Dance, Art etc.

 Language of content would be exclusively Marathi and we expect our rich traditions and intellectual style, shall bring out extraordinary content appealing to the global Marathi audience for all age groups.

However, more and more emphasis will be given on Marathi web series, which would be our USP.

5. If we want to work in any of Planet Marathi OTT’s movies, webseries, other shows, will we get such an opportunity?

Ans:- If any new film, short film or webseries is about to start shooting, the casting posts of the required characters will be made available to you on our Facebook, Instagram and Planet Marathi OTT website. The necessary terms and conditions will be given along with it. Our team will reach out to you post application procedure.

 Moreover, there will be many opportunities in future for those who want to work in our team. Apart from that, artists/groups can also get connected with us through ‘Planet Talent’ the talent management wing  of ‘Planet Marathi’.

6. Will content in Marathi and other languages be available on Planet Marathi OTT?

Ans:- Unique and good Content from any other language shall be dubbed in Marathi to be broadcasted on Planet Marathi OTT .Every effort will be made to acquire the dubbed content which is in sync with the Marathi pride, on this first Marathi OTT medium which started by saying ‘MA MANAACHA, MA MARATHICHA’

The official Planet Marathi OTT and Planet Marathi App will soon be available on your mobile phone app store. For more information about Planet Marathi OTT and to get updates about it, don’t forget to fill in the required information on our website and click on ‘Keep me Notified’ and get all updates now with just one click.

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