PLANET’s date with AB

It was a sultry morning when AB, the Big B of Bollywood entered premises of location where the shoot for forthcoming Marathi film “AB aani CD” was going on.

PLANET MARATHI debut production “AB aani CD” is a light family drama reflecting issues of family and society. Planet Marathi after series of shows, programs on its digital platform and then starting the STAR OF THE WEEK series on its e magazine , now enters the field of Marathi films with an urge and wish to create movies that shall reach masses in single screens as well as multiplexes.

Planet Marathi’s head Akshay Bardapurkar has always moved forth with new ideas and newer ways to bring Marathi culture to limelight through Arts, Entertainment, Politics and other facets of society.

When awarded the most Popular Brand in Digital ( StartUp Category) of Maharastra,by ArthSanket few days ago at the MAHABRAND event , he shared his aim to spread the brand s name in market and enter the IPO soon .

To all of us, who have grown up seeing Amitabh Bachchan’s movies since childhood, he is a legend , a hero in all respects.

On the sets of AB aani CD , which is being directed by Mr. Milind Lele and has a strong starcast of Marathi actors like Vikram Gokhale, Subodh Bhave , and renowned ones likes Sayali Sanjeev, Akshay Tanksale ,Seema Deshmukh, Sharvar Lohokare, Lokesh Gupte, Sagar Talshikar and many more, the first schedule was a wonderfully power packed event.

With presence of Amitabh ji it added more spice,more life to the shoot,while everyone tried to glimpse their hero and many trying to barge to reach near him.

It was amazing to see Sr.Bachchan with so much of focus and energy on the sets. Many of us were ashamed to find the way he kept his energies high throughout the shoot. With so many movies coming up and the kind of genres , he has been playing in, he has become an epitome in BOLLYWOOD with his works.

It is often said , ” when work is passion and perseverance is devotion , zeal of completing a task is more stronger”.

While in between the takes, Sr Bachchan was more engrossed with himself and his mobile , sitting quietly on his chair reflecting the philosophical thought “PLAY YOUR ROLE AND WITHDRAW ONCE YOU HAVE DONE YOUR PART”

With this new venture and rare combination of stars in Marathi film , we hope to bring more such unique presentations in future, while for now , stay tuned to all our social platforms for updates regarding the film.

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