We inspire ourselves- Women’s Day Special

 International Women’s day is being celebrated all over the world on 8th March. This day the world celebrates womanhood and stories of women who stood and fought for themselves to create a path for their own progress.

This year UNWOMEN has chosen the topic of #BalanceforBetter for the gender equality ” Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change ” that can bring growth to the society when men and women are treated equally.

Today while I came across a Google Doodle dedicated to Olga Ladyzhenskaya, a Russian Mathematician who invented
partial differential equations. ,it became evident that women and their work in different fields  is being celebrated, accepted and acknowledged all over the world.

Pic Credit: Google.com

We have thousands of women around us who inspire, encourage and motivate us everyday with the efforts they put in life to get over all kind of struggles to achieve their dreams, to maintain a balance in life and possibly to create a wonderful world with their kind of love and compassion.

When we look back there are many women from our glorious past specially who were from very normal backgrounds but they had the zeal to fight against all odds of society, of all norms to create a place for themselves.

Forever pinioned to the gravels of life
The under lying grimaces of whatsoever thoughts and norms,
She wants to scale heights and etch her dreams
to be on cloud nine
breaking the chains
struggle of juggling time

with wings of courage
feathers of persistent efforts

She learns to soar through
storms,strong winds,
rains and burning heat
running from thorns that pierce
darts of words thrown on her

scrutinized, analyzed ,misunderstood with misnomers
she keeps walking through darkness
to find a destination somewhere
in the path obscure

encouraging her more to walk further


But do we need anyone to inspire us in life, actually no one and we and only we ourselves can be our own inspiration!!!

The way we struggle, fight for our existence and identity, get discriminated, abused whether mentally, emotionally or physically, then gather bits and pieces of our own confidence to create a beautiful smile to re-energize , an embrace our near and dear ones with affection, makes us unique.There is no story in the world which is similar, every woman fights her own war, distinctly from others.

How beautiful this place can be if and only if women supported each other in every respect and stood for the weaker ones, to support the ones who needed courage and strength.

This women’s day let’s pledge to walk hand in hand, support and open our arms for every woman around us who wants to create a change with her sincerity and thoughts. Let us revolutionalize our thoughts and open the doors of narrow-mindedness to accept the truth of one another. Let us work cohesively to build a new future, the future of our next generation with the strong foundation of an educated nation where women are equal partners.


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