Away from the noise and chaos of the city traffic , one tries to find a solace nearer and in middle of nature.

Pune being a city surrounded on all sides by hills, has many destinations which are very near to the city yet quiet and very soothing. Just as we drive down 30- 40 kms from the city, we can reach to innumerable destinations that take us to another world and where one forgets the stress of today’s life.

One such place is GIRIVAN.

Barely at a distance from the humdrum of Pune, this small place on the height same as Lonavla, boasts of being Lonavla of Pune.

On the way from Pune to Paud , there is a right turn that takes the traveler to Girivan.Once we take the right turn from Paud and move , we find ourselves amidst fields and crops. A single road is there which becomes more narrower once the board of Girivan appears.

We need to leave the main road and take a left to move towards GIRIVAN. It had been taken by developers as a project and has been developed with innuerable houses which are given on rent for guests during the tourist seasons.

As we move and travel through the lanes of a small village, we find ourselves moving up the mountain and the climb becomes more steeper . In less than 10 minutes, one can view the nearby valleys and fields.

There various options available at GIRIVAN to stay,but one needs to book the place in advance . Homestays, small hotels, Cottages on rent and also a lavish traditional Peshwai Heritage Accomodation called DHEPEVADA is there at Girivan.

Just before the dawn

There is also an adventure sports club at the top where one can get rackets, football, bats, and much more of sporting necessities on rent. A small restaurant is adjacent to the club and serves some varieties of fast food along with lunch .

Sunset from the sports field is a must watch if you are there around evening.


Behind the club is a beautiful recreational area where a small nursery of plants is created and one can find variety of flora there.

The Sports Club

Girivan has a dense forest stretch that continues around on the top of hill and besides all kinds of accomodation. It is a perfect place for bird watchers who can find the variety of species of birds specially just before dawn and around the twilight. There is a scintillating music that plays in background all through the evening of some rarest of birds.

Early morning at Girivan
A normal accomodation
Forest trails

Love birds at Girivan Park.

A breakaway from the regular schedule , this is a kind of small hill station that makes one enjoy the chilled nights and silent walks through the forest trails and nature.

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