December 3, 2023


From length to breadth of our state, Maharashtra caters the best for a travel lover . Right from exuberant sea shores , to exotic beaches , from rivers to waterfalls, one can find nearer to nature in any of these places,whether one is at Dapholi, Amboli, Koyna, Alibaug, Kashid, Ganpatipule or many such places. Maharashtra has a rich heritage when it comes to the ancient forts of our history, which speak of valour, courage and the war skills of those times. Forts of Sindhudurg, Raigad, Torna, Shivneri, Sinhagad, Purandar are few of the forts that are located in western Maharashtra. Leave aside the innuerable caves of Ajanta And Ellora, which shine prestigious in UNESCO as one of the rarest World Heritage Sites.

Whether we talk of the forest sanctuaries those which preserve our wildlife or the dams which treasure the lifeline, Maharashtra has plethora of landscapes , culture, heritage , festivals to offer to a traveler which can enrich his memories and life with love and enthusiasm.

Let us explore few places of Maharashtra in our section of TRAVEL BINGE.

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